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The ART of Telehealth

A skill set unique to Telehealth Professionals, one that is required to hone in on a meaningful Virtual Connection. 

Birgitta and Carlie have a combined 10+ years of experience in providing Telehealth services in a variety of settings. They were pioneers of this new healthcare delivery model starting in 2016 when it was still considered a fringe version of traditional Western Medicine. Since then, and in part due to the Global Pandemic, Telehealth or Telemedicine, has moved to the Bull's Eye of Medical Care around the world delivering care when and where it is most needed. This of course, like all paradigm shifts, has not been an effortless integration. There are regulatory and privacy concerns that are still being discovered and are only slowly being addressed currently. There are endless technology options and advances of course.  However, there are also foundational questions such as the question of VIRTUAL CONNECTION. 

This is where we come in! Shoona has honed the ART of Telehealth, creating meaningful connections with our clients that build trust and encourage sustainable health improvements. The Telegroup has created tools for you to deliver the ART of Telehealth to your clients as well. 

Keys to The ART of Telehealth


Personalized Online Intake Forms help you Build Trust with your Clients or Patients

Client Engagement

Next-Level Engagement enables sustainable Health Improvements or Outcomes


Using Interviewing and Assessment Techniques that are unique to Telehealth improves Accuracy and builds client Awareness

Harness the technology

Learn to Harness Amazing Technology to Maximize your Practice's Impact 

Seize the Opportunity

The Opportunities for Continued Engagement between Professional and Client are endless with the help of  Remote Monitoring and Research leading to improved Health Outcomes

Paradigm Shifts

We support Alternative Health Professionals to feel Empowered and to Broaden Public Awareness of Healing Modalities that are available and that will help Shift the Current Medical Model to a Model of Healing 

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