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The 3 Connecting Points

Updated: Jan 7

By Birgitta Bella PA-C

Shoona, LLC

Medicine is about Healing, and TRUE Healing is about CONNECTION.

Those who treat patients, in whatever capacity they do that, need to build an interpersonal connection that allows for sharing, learning, growing and healing; a connection that makes space for vulnerability on the part of the client and the practitioner.

At Shoona we have identified the 3 major Connecting Points in all medical encounters as:

  1. The Pre-visit

  2. The Visit

  3. The Post-Visit

Let’s dive a little deeper into these 3 points of connection, where we feel you have the biggest opportunity to make an impact on your clients’ healing. It is also where practitioners and medical systems are most likely to either build or lose trust, so get this part right and you are already winning.

  1. The PRE-Visit:

This is obviously the time frame somewhere between a client scheduling a visit (in - office or virtual) and the time that this visit actually takes place. This period of time is the perfect moment to build trust, educate the client about what to expect, and create space for an honest and vulnerable engagement between yourself and the client beforehand. In the traditional setting, this time is typically wasted as most health care settings do not create connection with the client during this time.

We are here to change that. How, you ask?

  • The first step is to make all necessary intake forms and other paperwork as easy as medical-legally possible. We know that the majority of health care visits are at least in part due to STRESS, therefore making the intake setting as STRESS-FREE as possible is a big goal here. Shoona has curated workflows and forms that allow for this process to be completely online and client driven. This means the client can fill out the necessary information at their own pace, and in the comfort of their own home PRIOR to arriving for their visit. All forms are sent to the client electronically upon scheduling, and once filled out they are then returned to your practice via a HIPPA compliant workflow.

  • In addition to sending your newly scheduled client the forms to complete, your practice can add any educational information that you would like to share in the form of a short video to welcome the client and let them know what to expect when they see you. Make this information as fun and “you-nique” as possible or stick to definitions of terms and explanations of procedures. It’s meant to get your patient excited and prepared for their upcoming visit, and as an added benefit it will save you the time of having to explain a lot of this information at the onset of the visit. We have created workflows that automate this step for your practice.

  • Build a connection here with your client. Let them know that you are here for them, you understand their needs, and will work with them to meet those needs.

  1. The VISIT:

It’s GO time. This is the biggest connecting point and should be filled with as much HUMAN connection as you can pack into it. Here are a few things we recommend during this Connecting Point:

  • Electronic Documentation. Period. Enough said. We can help with that.

  • The ART of CONNECTION: (that’s another BIG blog and truly a skill for practitioners to practice and hone.)

  • The ART of TELEHEALTH: Doing a remote exam with the help of the patient to get the exam findings you need, in order to make the best decisions for the patient at the level that you practice. This is what Shoona is all about.

  • Setting the expectations for follow up, future visits, and preparing the client for their healing journey with you.

  1. The POST-VISIT:

This is where you should feel free to really step into your power as a creative healing practitioner by using Shoona's workflows to create follow-up education that benefits each particular client, depending on what level you practice on.

We can help you send videos explaining and demonstrating personalized treatment options if you are a licensed practitioner. If you are a counselor or other healer,​​ Shoona can help you by curating educational videos that allow your clients to watch techniques and motivational segments repeatedly.

Alternatively you could show your clients specific yoga moves that help with their symptoms, or you can bring them a private lesson on how to prepare healing herbal teas or healing ointments. You can even add automated follow up check-in points for your clients, as well as scheduling for recurring visits.

Looking to improve your patient connection and workflow? Then be sure to contact us at to get on our waitlist for personalized practice workflows that can help optimize your CONNECTION at all 3 points.

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