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Our Features

Our innovative tools and workflows allow professionals to enhance the impact their practices have on this world, and support their clients in establishing awareness and accountability for their own health, thus promoting optimal health outcomes and expanding the reach of Alternative Health Modalities.

Integrations, BAA, and HIPAA Compliance

At Shoona we take regulatory compliance seriously and offer HIPAA compliant workflows as well as other tips to stay in compliance with your license- and state- specific regulations.

Client/Patient Engagement 

We offer innovative technology with multiple connecting points for clients before and after a visit: improving the workflow, promoting increased client engagement, offering unique educational videos, providing specific instructions tailored to your practice, remote monitoring, and more.

Virtual Dashboard

A clinician login will direct you to a dashboard unique to your practice. The Telegroup offers a flexible and efficient workflow for your practice: 

scheduling, waivers, preliminary health intakes, visit documentation, referrals, follow-up education, and more.  

White Label and App

We support your branding by supplying white labeling with your logo. Personalized Apps for your practice include:  intake forms, follow-up instructions with videos, and remote monitoring.  This feature can be specifically tailored to your practice's needs. 

Customized Documentation

As Alternative Healthcare Professionals your needs for intake forms, client or patient visit documentation, and follow-up education are multifold and variable. We can appreciate your specific needs and will work with you 1:1 to create a customized workflow dedicated to your practice. 


We are here to support you and your staff. As providers ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be when the system isn't working. We have tested all workflows in our own practices and are only an email away at every step.

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