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Our Mission

It is our MISSION to empower Alternative Healthcare Professionals to bring their Healing to a wider market by offering them tools that support authentic connection in a user-friendly and innovative way, harnessing the technology of today and of the future. 

Our Vision

Our VISION is to provide tools and workflows that accomplish the following three goals:

  • Offer education and establish a connection between the client and the professional before the client arrives for their visit, virtually or physically.

  • Allow for a purposeful interaction during the visit that creates space for individualized collaboration between client and professional.

  • Follow up that supports the client in developing and maintaining awareness of their own health goals, as well as fostering an ongoing relationship with the professional who guides them in this process. 


Our Story

Birgitta and Carlie have a combined 10+ years of experience in providing Telehealth services in a variety of settings. They were pioneers of this new healthcare delivery model starting in 2016 when it was still considered a fringe version of traditional Western Medicine. Since then, and in part due to the Global Pandemic, Telehealth or Telemedicine, has moved to the Bull's Eye of Medical Care around the world delivering care when and where it is most needed. This of course, like all paradigm shifts, has not been an effortless integration. There are regulatory and privacy concerns that are still being discovered, and are only slowly being addressed currently. There are endless technology options and advances of course.  However, there are also foundational questions such as the question of VIRTUAL CONNECTION.  


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